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The history of the company began in the city Melitopol with a small private business, which due to rapid development, as a result, acquired the form of a diversified holding.

Today, the holding consists of 70 companies, covering several industries, mainly in the field of construction, manufacturing, consulting, hotel business and agriculture. A number of our target areas are also complemented by non-profit NGOs aimed at social development, equality, the creation of the middle class and stability in civil society.

Since 2013, the holding has expanded its activities internationally, establishing businesses in Latvia and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Embassy of Canada in Ukraine

The Embassy of Canada is the official diplomatic mission of Canada in Ukraine, responsible for developing and maintaining relations between Canada and Ukraine.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the highest federal government agency in the United States of America for overseas assistance.


The RSJ financial group trades on international derivatives markets and manages a broad portfolio of investments in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are active on international financial derivatives markets in London, Chicago, and Frankfurt. We invest in the construction of residential and office buildings and the acquisition of income property. We also manage many projects in key sectors for the 21st century – information technology, biotechnology, healthy foods, renewable energy, and life sciences.


mixed use real estate and retail operator with experience in fund and asset management, development and promotion. Currently the company is operating with more, than 1000 emloyees in 10 countries including Ukraine

Hyundai Reaserch Institute

Hyundai Research Institute as a part of Hyundai provides consulting, economy related research, HRD consulting and education. Isatex cooperates with Hyundai within floating PV projects and consulting.

Yooshin Engineering Corporation

One of the leading engineering consulting companies in Korea. Isatex cooperates with Yooshin Engineering Corporation in the design, technological consulting, construction and operation of industrial facilities.

Indian Solar

INDIAN SOLAR LLC was established in April, 2017 to develop, realize and manage renewable energy projects.INDIAN SOLAR LLC has 100% foreign investments.

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