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Senior exetutives
Oleksii Fokardi

Chief Executive Officer, partner

Higher education: Melitopol state pedagogical university, Degree in Biology, foreign language and literature

 In 2003 he started his business ad soon became a coproprietor and CEO of ISATEX INVEST GROUP. He is a founder and owner of several enterprises that operate in construction, agriculture, and real estate. Mr. Fokardi is a reputed public figure, investor, innovator, social entrepreneurship. His core fields of activity are social entrepreneurship, hospitality, agricultural production and processing, green energy, and economic planning management

Serhii Levchenko

Chief Financial Officer, partner

Secondary technical education: Melitopol agricultural training college, 1993

Qualification: Operation the automatic systems of the water industry

Higher education: Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Melitopol state pedagogical university, 2018. 

Specialty: sociology.  

Since 1993, he has been working in the business sphere. His key achievement is the sustainable growth of his businesses.   Responsibility, efficiency, and planning are his core professional values.

Ivan Zhokin

Chief Technical Officer, partner

Higher education:

Tavria state agro technological academy, 1998.

Specialist Degree in Company Economics

Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 2012.

Bachelor’s Degree in Construction

State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 2013.

Specialist Degree in Industrial and Civil Construction 

For over 19 years, he is in the building and renovation industry. He is a Chief Technical Officer of ISATEX INVEST GROUP. His core activities are planning, monitoring, and evaluating the construction activities of each construction project.

Irina Martin

Non executive director, Head of UK Office

Irina Martin is an investment banker with 25-year experience operating in the UK, Canada and Ukraine, working with international corporations and governments.

Irina started her career as financial risk analyst at CIBC World Markets, London, in 2001. In 2003 she was at the outset and held the position of Vice President for a London-based international mining company, Oriel Resources Corporation, that was acquired by Mechel in 2008.

Irina continued her career at BP working for the TNK-BP JV, whose ownership interest accounted for 29% of BP’s global production and 27% of its reserves.

In 2008, Irina was appointed CFO of Svit Gold Corporation, where she completed a non-brokered private placement of $ 8 million for the TSX listed mining company with the principal asset in Ukraine.

In 2014 Irina continued her career as Private Banking Executive at Barclays Capital, London following her appointment as Managing Director at Reymar Asset Management, an investment company with primary focus on Ukrainian infrastructure projects.

Oleksii Ivanchenko

Director on investments and GR

Higher education: Zaporizhzhia National University, Degree in Political Science and GRCourse on environmental investment at NIEHRD (Seoul, the Republic of Korea)

Used to work as a representative of the UkraineInvest in Eastern Ukraine and further as deputy executive officer, responsible for foreign investment attraction to the national economy, and support of foreign-owned companies.

Oleksii has a 7-year of experience in public service and five years of expertise in assisting investors in running the business in Ukraine.     

Ivan Diachenko

Head of US Office

Ivan Diachenko is an alumni of Pennsylvania State University, USA, from which he graduated with MBA.

He worked as a consultant in the largest companies in the world, such as: Siemens, Swagelok, where he was able to increase company revenues by more than $ 22M USD and bring them into new markets, developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

Ivan, an experienced professional and entrepreneur, implements successful business models through innovative strategies.
He has experience in business improvement, successful launch of new products and services, business expansion and efficiency, overcoming stagnation, mergers and acquisitions and effective change management. Its tools include innovative approaches and strategies, building marketing and financial strategies, marketing analytics, market segmentation, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, integrated communication, statistics and big data, financial planning and engineering, Monte-Carlo modeling and risk management.

Alex Pulyanovich

Head of Canada Office

EDUCATION: Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, ON. Civil Engineering Technology Diploma

Previously worked as a Construction Manager and a Project Manager at several construction companies. Has managed top-projects and ensured the proper construction flow of work.

More than 11 years of experience in his respective field. Excellent at construction management, budget analysis and planning.

Oleksandr Ryzhko

Dnipro office - head of project management department in Dnipro

National Mettalurgical Academy of Ukraine. Faculty: Thermophysical. Specialty: Industry of non-metallic refractory and silicate materials.

16 years in real estate business.


Project implementation management (from design to finish). Management of deadlines and project documents at all stages (obtaining construction documents, commissioning)

Andrii Los

Prymorsk office - head of project management department in Prymorsk

Zaporizhia National University. Faculty: Economics. Specialty: Economics of Enterprises, Accounting and Audit.

Over 15 years in HR management, 5 years in project management. Successfully implemented two resort construction projects.


Project implementation management (from design to finish). Management of deadlines and project documents at all stages (obtaining construction documents, commissioning)

Olena Yeshchenko

Melitopol office - head of financial department

Kharkiv Institute of Management. Specialty: Economist-accountant.

29 years in accounting.

Management accounting, audit, management of the financial department, financial planning and accounting.

Oleksandr Manilo

Melitopol office - deputy chief financial officer

Graduated from V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Specialty: Finance and Credit.

26 years in banking. Over two years in corporate finance management.

Management accounting, audit, analysis and management of the use of funds, sales through CIF, company representation in the banking environment.

Tetiana Vernikovska

Melitopol office - deputy chief executive officer

Graduated from the National Aerospace University H.E. Zhukovsky
Kharkiv Aviation Institute"". Faculty: Management of organizations. Specialty: Manager-Economist. Received qualification in institutional investors asset management at the Ukrainian Institute of the Stock Market.

Over 3 years in residential and commercial real estate sales. 6 years in management of communal property and utilities.
Organization, planning and management of the marketing and advertising, sales. Management of construction projects, implementation of the company development strategy.

Ihor Yakubin

Melitopol office - deputy chief technical officer

Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Faculty: Industrial and Civil Engineering. Specialty: Civil Engineering.

29 years in residential housing and commercial construction. Successful development of 8 nine-storey buildings, over 30 completed projects of private cottages.

Construction management, technical supervision, supervision of construction deadlines and quality of work.

Hennadii Konovalenko

Melitopol office - head of project management department in Melitopol

Graduated from Zaporizhia Institute of Economics and Information Technologies. Faculty: Economy. Specialty: Accounting and Audit. Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University. Faculty: Economics and Marketing. Specialty: Marketing specialist

Over 12 years in HR management. Over 10 successfully completed residential and non-residential construction projects.
Project implementation management (from design to finish). Management of deadlines and project documents at all stages (obtaining construction documents, commissioning).

Volodymyr Korniienko

Isatex Agro LLC - chief general manager

Graduated from Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University. Faculty: Agricultural Mechanisation. Specialty: mechanical engineer. 

Over 6 years in agriculture. Successfully expanded production volumes from 20 ha to 2000 ha, 100 ha of walnuts.

Production management, economic and financial company management.

Kateryna Borovikova

SSK-Engineering LLC - chief general manager

Graduated from Melitopol State Pedagogical University. Faculty: Economy. Specialty: Economic cybernetics.


Over 4 years in agriculture. 4 successful sowing and harvesting campaigns.

Production management, economic and financial company management.

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