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 ISATEX INVEST GROUP includes a range of agro enterprises specializing in:

  • Cultivation, processing, and storage of agro products
  • Growing grains
  • Growing horticultural crops
  • Growing walnuts
  • Processing of grains, sunflower oil, walnuts

SSK-ENGINEERING is a leading local agro producer offering high-quality yellow peas, millet, wheat, barley, oil sunflower, pumpkin seeds for sale. The company grows walnut gardens in large amounts on the area of 100 ha. They use certified nursery plants and offers services in designing and starting walnut and fruit gardens.


Our agro companies follow national standards and will comply with the requirements of foreign customers. They guarantee a thorough raw materials selection, strict high-quality control, refuse using synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants, and flavors.

Other partner enterprises are ISATEX AGRO, ISATEX WALNUT, SEOLTA, AGRO-PHOENIX and others. Our agro producers are a dedicated and professional team of effective top managers, first-class agronomists, and farmhands.

  • 130 ha of walnut gardens and fruit nursery
  • 2300 ha of land area
  • Production spaces for processing projects extension or launching new processing lines

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