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Circular economy

The ISATEX GROUP project office implements environmentally friendly projects that apply modern decarbonization technologies and zero greenhouse gas emissions.  The projects feature closed-loop production schemes from growing raw materials and fuels to producing final products and generating energy from biomass and wastewater (Circular Economy Approach). In this field, our policy and strategy fully comply with the new rules of the Green Deal Agreement 2025 in the EU.

One of these projects is the Agro-Industrial Cluster in the industrial park. 

The project objectives are:

1. Wheat and corn cultivation in the fields of the ISATEX GROUP for the needs of a bioethanol plant. 

2. A modern greenhouse complex for growing vegetables with four harvests per year.

3. Bioethanol complex and distillery. 

4. Biomass CHP to generate electricity and heat exclusively for the needs of a distillery, a greenhouse complex, and residents of the industrial park. 

In prospect, the industrial locations will be used for rational waste management projects. We plan to utilize and process the waste to generate electricity and special fuel.

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