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Grand Family Apartments

In 2018, we started the reconstruction of a resort complex on the Azov Sea coastline. It is located in Prymorsk. One phase of the project is completed. There are apartments and surrounding grounds suitable for comfortable living and recreation. Currently, the second phase is in progress. We will construct a residential complex, swimming pool, and renovate the ground area.

Grand Family Apartments includes five residential buildings with 174 individual apartments, swimming pools, parking, and playgrounds, etc.


Grand Family Apartments is a new level of business and recreation for Ukraine, which is successfully implemented all over the world. Elite quality housing at a bargain price, service activities, and guarantees from a real estate developer is a profitable investment in your future.

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Grand Family Village

Grand Family Village – another sea recreational property project launched recently. We expect to complete it by 2025. 

It will be an ideal place for family rest and entertainment. 96 townhouses will be located on the Azov Sea coastline. Owners and guests will enjoy first-class living conditions, the recreational qualities of the sea area, and the perfect location of the village. 

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