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The "MMS SB" service robot platform is based on one main service module with numerous attachments for indoor applications. This solution allows the operator to vary the functionality and number of elements. The basic module is universal for all current and future functional attachments (equipment). The basic module is a computing, power and operations center.



Equipped with a collision avoidance autonomous movement system and software to perform various functions. Compatible with all existing and future functional modules. IoT module allows you to update the current one and add new software. It is the main computational and power module. It provides feedback to the staff and allows easy setup.

Prospective service modules will be developed based on the features of the current main module. Generation change of the main module provides for compatibility of old and new equipment regardless of the generation.




L*W*H – 800*700*1200 мм
Own weight – 40 kg.
Total power – 3kW
Autopilot system - module A1 (A3)
Collision Avoidance System - Active and Passive

Operating System - Android 10
Battery pack capacity - 4kWh
Charging - wireless
Display - OLED 10"

Used as the main unit for autonomous functioning  It is a computational, energy and communication center. Can be modified for different functions by installing additional service equipment



The basic module is equipped with a PTZ camera with laser illumination of the night vision module. Functionally recognizes and identifies living creatures at a distance of up to 500 meters, tracks and records the movement of objects, accompanies identified objects and informs about the situation. Identifies by face and other biometric data. It is possible to equip some of the elements to influence the intruders

It is designed for use in large secure premises in fixed and patrol mode. Self-examines the object for unauthorized entry. Error-free operation in any lighting or in its absence. Equipped with light and sound alarms



Equipped with removable trays with pressure sensors. Synchronized with the eMenu of the catering facility and oriented to the location of tables for service, kitchen, etc.

Used for the task of automated serving of dishes, kitchen service, auxiliary transport functions, greeting and information at the entrance, as well as acceptance of non-cash payments



Equipped with equipment for wet cleaning of floors with different types of coating with the addition of various detergents. Functions include: rubbing, washing, drying and sanitary and disinfection treatment


Used for cleaning large indoor areas. Cleaning takes place in an autonomous mode, but the service equipment requires intermediate maintenance. Installation of the equipment in the main unit takes no more than 10 seconds. The service equipment is automatically detected. Before application it is necessary to execute a number of procedures on mapping and study of the area in an automatic mode.
Technical characteristics:
L*W*H - 1200*700(1200)*1200 mm
Gross curb weight - 200 kg.
Volume of water tank - 60 liters.
Volume of the tank for pumping - 60 liters.
Volume of the tank for detergents - 10 liters.
Volume of a tank for disinfectant solutions - 10 liters.
Working speed - 0.5 - 1 m. / sec.



This modification can be supplied with two modules. The first is the disinfection module. The disinfection module produces disinfection actions by means of UV treatment equipment, powerful in-line air purification equipment with built-in ozonators and equipment for spraying disinfectants with fine dispersion. The disinfection of rooms is carried out in three directions, which allows to achieve maximum efficiency. The second module is the equipment for remote measurement of body temperature, determination of protective equipment wearing and physical condition analysis.

The functions described above can be combined in any format and applied depending on the set of tasks


The development of advanced functions is based on the principle of compatibility of devices of current and future generations. Implementation of new functions and services will not require the operating party to replace the main module. When purchasing prospective service equipment, the main module will update the software itself, and the procedure for installing additional computing modules will not take much time or require special knowledge.
New generations of basic modules or additional equipment will be developed on the principle of compatibility of all generations and changing the generation of basic modules or service equipment will not require the replacement of properly functioning parts.
Delivery of the above equipment is scheduled to begin in April 2021. The preliminary order is possible at the moment without advance payment with signing of the delivery contract and the basic payment on the fact of readiness of the equipment for shipment.

The cost of the equipment including the software:
The main module of MMS SB 1 MM is 5 500 USD;
Additional security equipment MMS SB SS - 2500 USD;
Additional equipment for catering facilities with the functionality of order delivery,

auxiliary transport functions, payment and information - 2000 USD;

Additional equipment for wet cleaning - 5000 USD;
Additional equipment for complete disinfection of the premises - 6500 USD; Additional equipment for remote measurement of body temperature, determining the wearing of protective equipment and physical condition analysis - 3500 USD. 


The equipment does not require special knowledge and skills for maintenance in operation. New equipment or functions are installed in the most automated mode. Maintenance of some functions is as clear and convenient as possible.
Warranty service for the main equipment is - 24 months. Constant support after the warranty period. Warranty and other service is provided through express mailing of parts and elements, installation and replacement of which will not require special knowledge and skills. In case of impossibility of standard high-speed schemes of service the company the manufacturer will contact the service centre in your region to provide repair and service of our technics


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